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This Health Myth Kills People…Learn the Truth Now!


Everyone hears stories about people who spontaneously die days after receiving a clean bill of health from a medical doctor. Many know about someone in their 30’s who received a stage four cancer diagnosis without having any signs or symptoms of ill health. Though these stories are common, most of our culture continues to believe that bad health involves pain or symptoms. Solid science and research have clarified exactly why […]

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The Amazing Link Between Allergies and Chiropractic


I once had a patient named Dondra who had allergies. But her allergies were more than just typical pollen reactions. She was also allergic to hay and green beans. As bizarre as it sounds, her adult version was unable to experience two very diverse things that she enjoyed during her childhood: horseback riding and eating green beans. Almost six months after starting Chiropractic care in our office she was invited […]

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Conjoined Twins Help Show Chiropractic Influence on Immunity


Masha and Dasha were conjoined twins born in Russia in the 1950’s. They each had one arm and shared one pair of legs. Due to the fusion, many of their internal organs were the same. Though they each had a separate heart, the system that circulated all the blood(circulatory system) was the same. The revolutionary point of their story focuses on their having separate nervous systems. Their brains and spinal […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan

When It Comes to Performance…Chiropractic Delivers Like Nothing Else!


Jordan Spieth recently won the 2015 Masters Championship. The 21 year-old phenom thanked his caddy, coach…and Chiropractor! Given the stage at golf’s most prestigious championship podium, Spieth acknowledged that Chiropractic was essential to his every day performance. Years ago after my wife first began getting regular Chiropractic adjustments, her marathon time decreased by over 15 minutes. She set a new personal record of 3 hours and 16 minutes for running […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan

The KEY To Unlocking a Child’s Potential!


My wife has a masters degree in early childhood education and taught in elementary school for 6 years. She recently reminded me that Spring is the season for teachers to begin submitting reports on their current students. These reports will determine if the student passes, gives suggestions for next year’s placement, and details any special needs that may exist. The attention of many parents about the health and performance of […]