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Posted by Dan Sulivan

Insanity, Criminal Behavior, the Spine…and Chiropractic?

Horizontal Spine

Do you use outdated scientific theories to explain the effects of vertebral subluxation? Are you still teaching your patients and community that a vertebral subluxation only affects the nervous system when it pinches a nerve in the vertebral foramen? Did you know, that according to the best PubMed gold-standard literature available today, the human spine is much more than hard bones protecting soft nerve tissue? We have a problem in […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan

Stunning JAMA Study Shows Just How Bad Americans are Being Deceived!


Our current medical model is worse than most people think.  We tend to give the benefit of the doubt and believe that our standard of healthcare is the best in the world. That assumption could not be further from the truth. The United States has more doctors, more drugs, more hospitals, more testing, and more resources, but we continue to sit in the basement  of overall health when compared to other […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan
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Harvard Medical School Said What About Chiropractic?

Chiropractic symbol

Did you get a chance to read this report from Harvard Medical School on Chiropractic? Click here to get access to the article: Did it use the word vertebral subluxation? No Did it use the word adjustment instead of manipulation? No Did it talk about the amazing power in the body that Chiropractors help unlock? No Did it talk of a much needed vitalistic approach to health care? No […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan

Experts ALWAYS Miss This Secret to Dealing With Stress…

fmri pre:post adj pic

Hint: It’s not about learning a new way to cope with it… We are fighting an impossible battle if our goal is to eliminate stress. Stress will be a permanent fixture in all of our lives….that’s a fact! And stress does kill! However, the key to a healthy life and future is to properly adapt to stress. I hate it when the experts instruct people to learn how to better […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan

Ghandi, Napoleon Hill, The Flu…and Chiropractic?


It’s Not Just About the Pain! “What are the benefits of Chiropractic Care?” Many people will answer something to the effect of “chiropractic can help with back or neck pain.” Many people enter our office with a back, neck, or headache complaint and most of our population believes this is the major benefit of a Chiropractic Adjustment. THIS COULD NOT BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Let me explain a few […]