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Another Win for Spieth…Another Win for Chiropractic!

The picture below in this article shows the winner of the 2015 U.S. Open golf tournament sharing the trophy and victory with his Chiropractor. Twenty-one year old golf phenomenon Jordan Spieth won his 2nd major golf tournament June 21 in Washington. Less than 15 golfers in history have ever won two major tournaments in the same year (there are four each year), let alone at the young age of 21.

After winninGetAttachmentg the Master’s tournament in April, Jordan thanked the four most important members of his team in his victory speech. The group included his swing coach, trainer, caddie, and chiropractor.

Jordan made it known that he would not be achieving such success were it not for his coaches and Chiropractor.

Many people may just assume the benefits Jordan receives from Chiropractic care deal strictly with making his back loose and mobile so that his golf swing stays strong and steady. Although those benefits are assured through regular care, the benefits of his Chiropractic adjustments go far beyond the musculoskeletal aspects of his game.

Chiropractic adjustments remove the interference that negatively impacts the central nervous system. Every adjustment has been proven to reduce stress hormones in the body by decreasing hyper-tonicity in the nervous system.

Research of the adjustment proves a subsequent benefit to focus, concentration, hand-eye coordination, reflexes, muscle strength and recovery. 

Additionally, when stress hormones are reduced through a chiropractic adjustment, visceral organ improvements have also been scientifically proven and documented.

Those benefits include increased immunity, improved heart function and blood flow, better breathing, digestion, and sleep quality. 

The power of a Chiropractic adjustment radiates throughout the body, producing proven health benefits that cannot always be immediately seen or felt. Jordan Spieth may not even fully comprehend or understand the vast range of benefits received through his Chiropractic care, but he clearly recognizes that regular adjustments and care were part of a process that helped him accomplish more than most professional golfers ever will.

Spieth and other famous professionals deserve no more or less than every family in America.

Everyone deserves an improved quality of life that comes from understanding and utilizing the benefits of Chiropractic adjustments. 

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