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Ad-vo-cate: (n) a person who argues for or supports a cause


Welcome to our mission.

Whether you are a Chiropractor enjoying a thriving practice or experiencing a struggle of purpose, our movement is speaking to you! The most powerful movements in history began with a burden that unifies and stimulates change.

There is no greater burden facing society than the sinking ship of American health care. Chiropractors are the answer. We are the instruments of change!

This movement begins with a boost in our conviction to change the culture of health care. We are the Doctors of the Future! Allow this site to unify our cause through the most powerful weapon at our disposal: education.

Cutting edge science is on our side! From the devastation of subluxation to the power of a chiropractic adjustment, the resources available to you on this site will empower our movement with the scientific research necessary to plant the seeds of change. 

Engage with the ideas that empower a future built on Chiropractic

Dr. Dan Sullivan serves as a mentor to thousands of young and experienced Chiropractors. Dr. Dan combined research, teaching, and a passion for chiropractic to create one of the largest single doctor clinics in America, serving over 1,000 patient visits a week!

The principles that impacted his practice serve as the foundation upon which he builds clarity and instruction to Chiropractic colleagues and students.

Dr. Sullivan developed a simple and profound approach to understanding and owning the power of Chiropractic. He wants to bring that message to your city, state, and region by transforming your delivery and certainty of the truth!

Certainty must begin with Chiropractors taking ownership of the movement to deliver a message of hope and healing to a culture that is literally dying within the current paradigm of sick care.

We believe Chiropractors are the revolutionary authority in health care!

Getting Started — Programs and Consulting

Dr Sullivan’s easy to follow education and resources will increase your understanding, conviction, and passion for Chiropractic. This will substantially boost your certainty which is the foundation of sustained growth in new patients, conversions, and retention.

He’s developed several dynamic resources, products, and trainings to help you more boldly understand the truth about the harmful effects of subluxation and the Power of Chiropractic.

Whether you are struggling at 50 patient visits/week, thriving at 1000 patient visits/week, or are just starting out with 0 patient visits/week….this program is for You!

DISCLAIMER: To know the truth comes with the responsibility to spread the truth!

“Those who have the privilege to know, have the duty to act.” -Albert Einstein


Welcome Aboard!!

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Comments Off on The Top 5 Mistakes Many Chiropractors Make When Presenting Chiropractic to the Public

The Top 5 Mistakes Many Chiropractors Make When Presenting Chiropractic to the Public

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 7.46.54 AM

MISTAKE #1 – TOO COMPLEX As an expert, we have the “curse of knowledge”. We know too much about our topic that even when we think we are simplifying, it’s still above the average listener’s comprehension. SOLUTION: Simplify the message. The best way to lose an audience is to use big words to attempt to show them you are an expert. The real expert can keep it simple while relating the […]

Posted by Dan Sulivan
Comments Off on 2012 Study From The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. 

2012 Study From The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. 

Posted by Dan Sulivan
Comments Off on Chiropractic Combats the Most Dangerous Time of Year for Heart Disease

Chiropractic Combats the Most Dangerous Time of Year for Heart Disease

Heart disease kills more people annually than any other disease. Heart attacks make up the majority of deaths related to heart disease. A remarkable relationship develops every year between the holiday season and heart attacks for both men and women. According to a study from the Journal of Circulation, “The number of cardiac deaths is higher on December 25 than on any other day of the year, second highest on […]