Dr. Dan Sullivan
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  • Learn the 2 BIGGEST Mistakes Chiropractors make in
    Communicating the harmful effects of Subluxation
  • Discover How to Boldly Back-up the Science of Chiropractic to Anyone (even MD's)
  • Gain Certainty and Finally Understand the Power of a Chiropractic Adjustment


You’ve made a great decision and Dr. Dan would be happy to speak at your next big event if it’s a good fit. Below, are the various types of speaking / training he is best at and most passionate about.

Dr. Sullivan has a very unique personal story of triumph and is widely regarded as a certainty expert in the chiropractic profession!

He began harnessing this powerful understanding and application back in college when he did his first professional talk as a student at Northwestern College of Chiropractic for faculty and students on “The Science that Validates the Life-Changing Effects of a Chiropractic Adjustment”.

From there he went on to open a private practice which quickly became one of the largest chiropractic practices in the world. He has also helped thousands of chiropractors and chiropractic students over the last 7 years understand and communicate the science and philosophy behind the power of chiropractic.

His unique approach not only delivers the research and scientific truth about chiropractic, it also gives audiences a sure-fire way to apply it in the office right away! You will NOT be disappointed in Dr. Dan’s passionate and powerful delivery of this message.

For this reason, Dr. Sullivan’s time is very limited and his schedule fills-up very quickly.

If your event is approved, expect him to engage attendees in a fun and passionate way. He’s known for quickly leading audiences to a newly profound understanding of subluxation, its impact on the health and well-being of humanity, and our opportunity to change the path of healthcare.

Sample Speaking Topics

-The Simple and Profound Science of the Subluxation….Far From What You Learned in School

-Chiropractic Philosophy and Subluxation Science: The Science behind this truth that should

     Revolutionize Healthcare

-“Understanding the Implications”….the Foundation of Retention

-“Where will the People come from: Who Are They and Why Do they need YOU” …The marketing

     mindset you never learned

-“Influencing Your Conversions”…The 2 biggest missing links in converting your new patients

 -ALL ABOUT THE VALUE……The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Certainty

-The Certainty that Turns You From Referral Maggot(leeching on patients) to Referral Magnet

-“Influencing the Converted”….From Patient Education to Patient Inspiration

-And many more…

Dr. Dan currently lives in Atlanta and regularly does paid speaking engagements. Honorarium fees range from $1,000 – $5,000 depending on duration, complexity, attendee count, and proximity of the event.

He also speaks on stages where he can make a special product offer.

We’re in the process of updating Dr. Sullivan’s professional speaker reel and will be adding here shortly, which will include more clips from many of his past engagements.

Sample Talks


  • 60-90 minute Keynote
    * 60-120 minute Multi-speaker Event
    * Half-day Training
    * Full-day Training / Chiropractic Certainty Immersion
    * Other/Special Arrangement

Audience Size:

Normally 50 – 1,500, or more.

To see Dr. Dan Sullivan’s biography, visit the “ABOUT” link on this site. 

Here’s What the Information Will Do For You:

*Learn and understand the profound truth that chiropractic has been proven by the best up-to-date literature to be more effective improving visceral physiology than just musculoskeletal health.

*Be able to back up what you understand and teach about the power of chiropractic.

*Dramatically improve all of your processes, procedures, and results by increasing certainty and urgency in owning the principle and science of Chiropractic and subluxation.

*Improve your new patient conversions each month.

*Reveal the BIGGEST, most costly, and counterproductive communication errors when teaching about the deleterious effects of subluxation and how to avoid them

*Give power behind the words you communicate to patients/practice members.

*Understand what you can and cannot say when explaining the power of chiropractic and the need for all men, women, and children be checked and adjusted for a lifetime.

*Show you the true value of short and long-term chiropractic care.

*CLEARLY show how you are the most relevant healthcare provider in your community.

*Finally gain certainty with re-exams and how you know your patients/practice members are getting better, regardless of symptoms changing.

*Teach you certainty that will generate patients and conversions FOR LIFE.

*Increase referrals with more reliability, reproducibility, and with less rejection.

*Allow your office to become an UNSTOPPABLE force for true healthcare in your community by clearly and easily educating and inspiring on the power of chiropractic

*Allow you to finally have influence and impact like you’ve dreamed about.

Here’s What to Do Next

To find out if Dr. Dan can speak at your next event, please send email to

In the subject line, please write Speaking Request. In the email answer the following seven points regarding your event. We will get back to you as soon as possible:

– Type of speaking engagement (paid keynote, multiple speakers, paid training, etc…)
– Theme of event
– Date & location of event
– Audience demographics & size
– Link to sales page if live
– List of other speakers
– Indication of past results