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Monday Night RAW (Episode 2 ) The Fight Is On!

I’m tired of people not telling the truth about chiropractic. I’m all about chiropractors practicing the way they want to, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to sit by a let “certain” chiropractors reduce chiropractic to a “back pain treatment only” type of profession.

Chiropractic is MORE than that and I’ll fight tooth and nail to make sure the public understands this.

If anyone wants to challenge me on that, just realize, I got one fist of iron and the other is made of steel. If the left one don’t get’cha then the right one will!

I’m fighting for you, me and the people!!

Will you join in this fight or will you stand idly by and tell those of us that are doing something about it, that nothing can be done?

If you’re ready to fight with me then RISE UP!


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