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“Real E-State” that Matters

I had a colleague recently tell me about his real estate ventures and how he considers himself to be a tycoon. It made me think about the real estate we as Chiropractors should be most concerned about….the real estate occupied in our head.

Your state of mind and focus will make you more money, create more influence, and allow you to better live out your soul purpose more than any other real estate investment venture. This simple but profound program will tap into one of the most important aspects of having success and influence….your “state of mind”.

Tony Robbins is quoted as saying “You get 80% better results by being in state.” I have found practice and life to be much more fulfilling when I am in the correct mental state focusing on things directly in front of me….and the impact I can make in that moment based on my purpose.

This program will bring you the best subluxation-centered science, research, and inspiration each month. Most importantly, the subscription consists of a “white paper” designed to show exactly how to communicate, implement, and leverage this cutting edge information, the same way I do in a 1000 visit/week cash practice. The “Real E-state” program is different from anything found in the chiropractic profession. My intention is to improve your certainty and provide applicable research that changes the way your patients understand and utilize chiropractic.

You will receive multiple hard copies of articles each month with a detailed “white paper” explaining what the science and research means to your practice and how to implement the game-changing information. This program will deliver the most cutting edge science, philosophy, and inspiration without the fluff so the evidence and information is profound and usable in your office. Along with articles and the “white paper”, you will get patient newsletter topics, a weekly email, and a powerful audio each month that will help you directly apply the information for increased new patients, conversions, and retention. The first month for the subscription will start in march of 2015. To get signed up or if you have additional questions email

We change our world by changing the things we let into our head. This rule applies to your practice…momentum will rise or fall based on your mental state and clarity. Raise your state with with the “Real E-State that Matters” subscription!