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The Story Is More Important Than The Facts (Context Over Content)

I was recently called in to jury duty. And here in Georgia there is little wiggle room to get out of it. (I tried)

So I go to the courthouse expecting not to get picked for an actual case when sure enough, my name gets called for the second caseBut there were 60 of us picked initially, which was then  dwindled down to just 13.

And guess who got chosen?

And this was not a civil case or some sort of insurance fraud. This was an attempted murder charge with 2 victims shot multiple times

Long story short…it took 3 days out of my life and the initial disappointment I started with turned to gratefulness for the experience. 

And I mean that…I had some major revelations in that court room and deliberation experience.

I recorded a short video to explain what I mean. 

You have to hear about what went down for me on the jury! 

I’m still processing the whole experience but I can tell you that my eyes have been opened.

I have a fresh outlook on what I believe our focus really needs to be on in order to take our truth to the masses. 

Here is my list of takeaways

1) People are innocent until proven guilty

2) It’s not about convincing the judge, the jury matters mostWe laypeople make the final decision. 

3) The story is more important than the facts.  (Context over Content) 

1) We are programmed for health(And it’s our inalienable right to pursue ways to get and stay well)

2) It’s not about convincing the naysayers or other medical professionals, the jury(layperson) matter most

3) The story is more important than the facts.  (Context over Content) 

I explain these in more detail in the short 5 minute video I shot specifically for you.

This is big stuff and I believe that many of you need to be reminded (like I did) that the most important people we need to influence are the ones in front of us in our own communities.

It’s all about the laypeople…lots of them. That’s how we change the world. 

Enjoy this video and remember…You are making a huge difference. 

And by staying the course we will collectively change the world. 

I have never been so excited about it and committed to it. 

I Appreciate You, 

Dr. Dan

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