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The Top 5 Mistakes Many Chiropractors Make When Presenting Chiropractic to the Public


As an expert, we have the “curse of knowledge”. We know too much about our topic that even when we think we are simplifying, it’s still above the average listener’s comprehension.

handSOLUTION: Simplify the message. The best way to lose an audience is to use big words to attempt to show them you are an expert. The real expert can keep it simple while relating the concepts directly to the listener. Research shows that if you’re current knowledge of a particular topic is  at a 10, the average listener will only comprehend at a 1-2. Unfortunately, most experts attempt to simplify but only bring the content down to a 6. It takes knowledge and experience to simplify with effectiveness.

TIP: Before presenting, go through the presentation and pretend that your audience is a group of 8th graders. This will force you to simplify the message and make it more relatable.


Common Mistakes Chiropractors Make  << ===== Click here to download the .pdf


MISTAKE #2- TOO many key points

Most presenters (myself included at one time) discuss too many different points to try and communicate the main concept. This ends up diluting the message because the listener’s brain cannot process all of the information. Research shows that listening and thinking require lots of energy. So while the audience may be sitting there, the brain uses a lot of energy to process each point. Speaking experts talk about the audience being on a treadmill because of the amount of energy required to comprehend the new material.

SOLUTION: Picture your audience jogging on a treadmill and each point you make is like handing them a bowling ball. Keep the points to a minimum to prevent exhaustion. And stay tuned into their favorite radio station WIIFM (What’s.In.It.For.Me)


don't tell storiesMISTAKE #3- DON’T TELL STORIES

This is arguably the most important problem to resolve. Research shows that listeners are daydreaming 30% of the time no matter the content or presenter. A story allows the listener to engage back with the story but remain in their “daydream-like” state because a story does not require as much energy to process.

SOLUTION: Tell more stories. Facts tell and Stories sell. In video #1 of our free training series releasing soon, I will talk about how often you should be telling a story and the focus of your stories to get the most response.

TIP: Make sure you place an important point in or right after a story to drive it home to the listener.



Because many D.C.’s do not use a specific flow or formula, it makes the talk more confusing and the close very awkward. When the right formula is not used, many D.C.’s try to close on their offer or chiropractic too early, do not have a clear ‘call to action’, or end up using a “bait and c+r+dswitch” technique that leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the attendees and talk coordinator.

SOLUTION: Use a specific formula to create your talk and stick with it. A formula brings freedom of expression. The use of a specific formula allows you to be very passionate about the key points because you’re not having to constantly think about my next point or miss any part of the talk.




Research shows that those who strategically and humbly establish authority gain the trust of the listener. And trust is exactly how the sale or action will take place.

SOLUTION: Make sure the audience knows that you know your “stuff”. This is not about telling them what to do or making the claim that “you’re a doctor”. Trust is gained by actually being the expert and delivering them great valuable content without the expectation of anything in return. The more they feel your sincerity and knowledge, the more trust they have in you.


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