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Insanity, Criminal Behavior, the Spine…and Chiropractic?

Do you use outdated scientific theories to explain the effects of vertebral subluxation?

Are you still teaching your patients and community that a vertebral subluxation only affects the nervous system when it pinches a nerve in the vertebral foramen?

Did you know, that according to the best PubMed gold-standard literature available today, the human spine is much more than hard bones protecting soft nerve tissue?

We have a problem in Chiropractic.

We think that the patient is so under-educated they would not understand the truth on how a vertebral subluxation interferes with the nervous system.

We have been led to believe by coaches and mentors that the only way the public will understand the power of an adjustment is when we explain a hard bone becomes misaligned and pinches a soft nerve. Though this can happen, it is not the primary reason Chiropractors get such great results with all sorts of human symptoms and conditions.

I am proud to be known as the Chiropractor that will not shut up about the fact that Chiropractic is more proven to improve visceral and systemic physiology than helping back and neck pain. I have a mission to change the perception of Chiropractic worldwide. It must start with changing the Chiropractor’s perception of Chiropractic!

imagesThe spine is not just a hard protective shell that surrounds the spinal cord and nerves. It is proven by science to be better known as a neuro-spinal organ. Just like the heart and lungs are vital for whole body health, the spine is obviously no different. But the spine is vital for different reasons than most doctors and patients know or understand. The spine sends feedback to the brain every second or our lives to provide the most important nutrition to the brain, appropriately adapting the body for all of its needs. Therefore, any altered alignment or movement in the spine will decrease reception to the brain and interfere with adaptation for overall survival and performance.

This is why Chiropractic gets great results with even improving things such as thoughts, concentration, and clarity. Constant feedback from the nerve receptors in and around the spine fire appropriately with normal alignment and movement. When a vertebral subluxation occurs, the abnormal movement and alignment of a vertebra creates abnormal feedback and thus, abnormal nutrition to the brain. Chiropractic adjustments improve alignment, motion, and neurological nutrition to the brain!

WOW….it is crazy to think the world believes we are just here to help back pain and neck cricks.

In fact, there are 2 stories dating back to Chiropractic’s infancy that illustrate the power of Chiropractic on the brain. In the 1920‘s and 1930‘s, public health officials and legislative bodies began to recognize that people under chiropractic care often had improvement of symptoms or conditions not considered to be musculoskeletal in origin. So much so they began to document improvement of brain function in mentally ill patients under chiropractic care.

In 1931, for example, the Kentucky House of Reform presented a series of 244 adolescent boys who were incarcerated by the State because of criminal or behavioral problems. Their report documents that almost 100% had shown improvement in conduct, and 144 of the 244 patients had been paroled since they began receiving Chiropractic treatment.

Another example was legal briefs presented to the North Dakota Legislature by Judge A.W. Ponath in 1935. Judge Ponath was the County Judge for Richland County, North Dakota. Judge Ponath’s briefs presented 44 cases where mentally ill patients were treated with Chiropractic care in the Jamestown State Insane Asylum. Twenty-seven of the 44 cases were either cured or sufficiently recovered so that they can remain at home and resume their former responsibilities(61%). Judge Ponath made it known that the majority of these patients had already spent a large amount of time in asylums or sanatoriums and most were declared “incurable” by medical authorities. Ponath also noted that most of these types of patients are doomed to an asylum for life.

Chiropractic is awesome! Share this with everyone in your community!

It is important to note that nowhere in here did we talk about Chiropractic attempting to treat or cure any condition or symptom. Those were results described by a layperson. Our culture is accustomed to a diagnosis and pills or surgeries for cure. The body does not work like that. To get the best results in healthcare, we must focus more on improving health and not just treating symptoms. Chiropractic removes interference to allow better expression of health and life.

It is time we better understand and educate our communities about the neuro-spinal organ and its influence on human health. Vertebral subluxation interferes with spinal function, nervous system function, and thus, overall human health!

Are you starting to see how much more valuable Chiropractic can be when understood and delivered correctly?

It is so much more than back pain, neck pain, and headaches. And the world deserves to know!

Let’s Change the World Together!

3 Responses to “Insanity, Criminal Behavior, the Spine…and Chiropractic?”

  1. I with you all the way. I have made more than 500000 adjustements since 1968 & have seen many miracles they said .I know
    chiropractic save live ,give a better quality of life & can cure the incurables…
    continue to send research papers. thank you .
    Dr Alain

    • Dan Sulivan says:

      Dr. Corps,

      Thank you for sharing. 500,000 adjustments..WOW. They say the love you give is the love you get back. You’ve
      given lots of love with over a half million adjustments given. Keep up the great work!

  2. Terence says:

    Dan keep these coming appreciate you your passion knowledge and ability to make it clear for all!