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Is Chiropractic Valuable?

People value what they pay for and pay for what they value!

I recently heard from a friend of mine that one of his close friends just paid over three thousand dollars to hire someone that will help her find a boyfriend. First of all, I had no idea that type of service existed. Secondly, how does a girl in her mid-20’s who works a part-time job and goes to school justify paying that much for a service like that. Here is the reality: people will pay for what they value and people value what they are willing to pay for. This woman obviously sets a high priority on ending her single life.

imgresResearch determined that the average woman over the age of 25 spends roughly $100 every month getting their hair done. That does not include the hundreds of dollars spent each year on shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. Men spend in equal proportion on interests and activities ranging from golf to hunting. The purpose of this data is not to cast dispersion on the spending choices and habits of any individuals but merely to make the obvious point that people will spend money on things they value, whether those things are a necessity or not.

I often encounter Chiropractors with money problems, mostly on the income side.

While I do not intend to begin preaching the prosperity gospel of Chiropractic, I am absolutely certain that Chiropractors who understand and are invested in their capabilities will reach their communities and subsequently make plenty of money. Profit manifests as the outcome of our purpose. There is no question in my mind that most money problems often begin when Chiropractors lose focus of two essential pillars of our mission.

  1. Society desperately needs Chiropractic care

  2. Chiropractic care brings so much value to every human being and most have no idea how

Pretend there existed a product that would help people revolutionize their personal health and well-being. Let’s say this product needed to be applied to the skin every day for six months and then weekly from that point throughout their entire life.

Evidence proved that this product helped reverse neuro-degeneration, increased immunity, stopped bone degeneration, increased telomere length (which decreases aging), reduced chronic disease physiology, and helped express good genes while suppressing bad genes.

The all natural product took less than an hour to apply and would begin producing an immediately healthy response. How much would people pay for such a product? How much would every community spend if Big Pharma held the lone patent?

The purpose of my hypothetical is obvious. The list in that analogy includes just a few of the many known and proven benefits of a Chiropractic adjustment. Every Doctor of Chiropractic holds the patent to the life changing benefits stored in the power of an adjustment! Less than 100,000 Doctors possess the knowledge, skill, and capability to deliver a precise adjustment that brings health to a society of millions of people badly in need of that very product.

It is time to start thinking about how valuable you are.

best-buy-store-tv-display-1500x1000Expand your scope to your entire community, then focus that purpose onto each individual person sitting across from you in your consultation or adjustment room. You hold keys to doors that nobody else can open for them. Go spend an hour in an Apple store or the Best Buy parking lot and you will quickly see how much money people have to spend on things that they value. Chiropractors must focus on leading their communities to the value of transformational health.

Take a moment and list the three most important things in your life other than your health. Then ask what would happen to those three things if you invested more time and money into becoming healthier. When I look at my own list, the answer is clear. The other important areas in my life from finances to family become drastically improved as my health and function improves. Your patients deserve to know that.

Changing the public’s perception of Chiropractic begins with bringing the truth to your community. 

We as Chiropractors must understand the true and proven benefits of our care and relay that incredible message to every community.  How else will they ever know? They deserve to know!

Focus on the value that you can bring in teaching this life changing message that you offer.  Give your community a reason to value their own health and children’s health as much as some people value new electronic gadgets and dating services. People can afford your care, and they will prove that when Chiropractic becomes something they value.

3 Responses to “Is Chiropractic Valuable?”

  1. Peter says:

    Great post here Dr. Dan! I really needed to hear this today, your message is nourishing food for the appetites of the healers in our profession and for all the people!

  2. voula roumel says:

    Where are your links to the research that supports your statement

    “Evidence proved that this product helped reverse neuro-degeneration, increased immunity, stopped bone degeneration, increased telomere length (which decreases aging), reduced chronic disease physiology, and helped express good genes while suppressing bad genes.”

    Without proof, public perceptions won’t change so it would be helpful to have these links that Chiros globally can promote.