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The KEY To Unlocking a Child’s Potential!

My wife has a masters degree in early childhood education and taught in elementary school for 6 years. She recently reminded me that Spring is the season for teachers to begin submitting reports on their current students. These reports will determine if the student passes, gives suggestions for next year’s placement, and details any special needs that may exist. The attention of many parents about the health and performance of their children is heightened during this time. This presents great opportunity to help educate the parents in your practice and community on the benefits of Chiropractic care.

Did you know that Chiropractic adjustments have been proven to:

Calm the nervous system

Increase concentration

Improve immunity

Balance hormones

Increase short-term memory

Increase growth hormone

Decrease blood glucose and insulin resistance

photo (9)These benefits would profoundly impact young students and their parents. As a dad, one of my biggest desires is for my children to be happy. And obviously, good health is a one of the largest contributors to that happiness.

Vertebral subluxation puts the autonomic nervous system in a sympathetic dominant state (overdrive).

The parasympathetic nervous system (calming part of the autonomic system) is not created until after the 30th week of gestation. Many specialists wonder why so many kids start off life in fight or flight physiology.We know why!

If a mother gives birth before the full 41 weeks, the parasympathetic nervous system is not fully formed. Research shows that the majority of children are born before full-term pregnancy, 40% of which are children born via a traumatic c-section.

Subluxations create the same physiology in a child’s body that any human would feel before a bear attack. Connect that feeling to a child’s inability to focus and perform in school. ADHD drugs only drive the problems deeper into the nervous system!

Drugging of the children MUST STOP!

Most parents have no idea why their children need to be checked by a Chiropractor. It has nothing to do with pain. Teach parents the facts that you already know and give those children an opportunity to learn in peace.

4 Responses to “The KEY To Unlocking a Child’s Potential!”

  1. Wendy coburn says:

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great stuff Dan,, ur inspiring and a tremendous asset to the chiropractic profession and mankind. I understand the effects on the immune system from an adjustment, is there any studies specifically for allergies?

    • Dan Sulivan says:

      Dr. Frank- yes there is. Check out the October 2004 study from the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery called “Relationship Between Vertebral Deformities And Allergic Diseases”. Great article. Also, thanks for the kind words!